Research Interests

PsychoEpiGenetics Lab (PEG Lab) aims to investigate psychological, genetic and epigenetic factors that influence individual differences in behavior. In order to achieve this goal, PEG Lab has members from different backgrounds working on the same research questions, utilizing research methods from behavioral paradigms to genetic and epigenetic analyses.

The main research focus of PEG Lab is to investigate the gene-environment interactions (GxE) related to human social behavior. Of particular interest is to understand how early life experiences would interact with genetic variations in stress-related genes to influence individuals' stress reactivity in adulthood. In addition to the effects of early adverse experiences, research also aims to unveil protective factors, such as social support and subjective well-being, which would potentially compensate for the effects of these adverse experiences.

In an attempt to investigate the underlying mechanisms of GxE, research in PEG Lab also addresses potential epigenetic mechanisms, such as DNA methylation, to understand how the effects of environmental factors would be reflected in behavior and how these effects would be further moderated by genetic factors.